Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Greetings from the Beach

Yes, I know, long time, no post. That's because I'm at the beach! But don't worry. I'm not abandoning my educational quest just because I'm on vacation. In fact, downtime can be the best time to learn something new.

You can even learn while you relax in your beach chair or sunbathe by the pool. First, remember that suncreen! Then, try one of these tips for education on the no-go.

  • Instead of reading a trashy romance novel, read that book you've always meant to try. "War and Peace" might not be traditional beach reading, but at least you'll have an excuse to stay by the pool for a few more minutes (or days).
  • Upload an audio course to your iPod and spend your sunbathing time learning about Greek history, Elizabethan literature, mathematical theories or whatever.
  • Instead of eating your meals at the hotel or a national chain, use your trip to educate yourself about the local foods of the region. Ask around and find out where the locals like to dine. (In Hilton Head, it's not the Salty Dog!)
  • Do you have a long drive home ahead of you? Buy language instruction CDs and use the long hours to learn the basics of a new language.
  • Take a walking tour of the city in which you're staying, or sign up for a boat tour of the area. Or, visit a museum about local history. Knowing more about your vacation destination gives your trip a richer context.

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