Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Audit a Local University Class

I've spent the past five years regretting the fact that I never took a philosophy class in college. What's your regret? Art history? Psychology? I've already raved about the Teaching Company's outstanding audio classes, which are a good option if you'd like to fill a specific knowledge gap. But if you'd prefer the authentic, lecture-hall experience, you can always audit a class at a local university.

Every school handles auditing differently, but I've done some research to get you started. It looks like Butler has the easiest process in place (and the best bargain).
  • Butler University: You must apply to the Audit for Enrichment program and provide transcripts of previous academic work. Cost is $100 per credit hour.

  • IUPUI: Open to enrolled students only. Audit requests must be approved by course instructors, and full tuition is charged.

  • Marian College: You must complete an application for audit, which is available at the admissions office, and get approval from the professor. Fee is $140 per credit hour.

  • University of Indianapolis: Visit the School of Adult Learning for an application to the Lifelong Learning College. Half tuition is charged, so you'll pay about $150 per credit hour for evening classes.

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