Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update: Wine and Canvas

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Wine and Canvas, a great program that offers fun, relaxing painting classes in restaurants across the city. At that first class, about eight people showed up at Muldoon's, and we had a lovely time.

When I went again this week, this time to the Chateau Thomas Winery tasting room in Fishers, there were about 30 participants, and another W&T event that evening, at the Mass Ave Wine Shop, had sold out completely. Obviously the program has struck a chord, and I look forward to seeing how W&T handles its success. (Did you know they also do private events for bridal showers, baby showers, etc.?)

Pictured is the painting we did that evening. It was supposed to be painted in earth tones, but I rebelled. (Look, I'm becoming more artistic already! Now if only the "O" weren't so crooked.) I'm going again next week to a class at El Torito Grill; the painting is a Picasso-esque Cubist landscape. Wish me luck!

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