Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Wine and Canvas

As much as I'd love to be artistic, my drawing and painting skills are on par with your average kindergartner's. Nevertheless, I had a great time last night at Wine and Canvas, a painting class held in restaurants and wine shops around town.

Last night's event was held at Muldoon's, where we had a quiet corner to ourselves. When we arrived, our easels, canvases, brushes and paint palettes were already set up, and we put on aprons to keep the paint off of our work clothes.

Once we were settled (and had ordered our drinks, of course), the instructor led us through the steps to create our "Cosmo" paintings. She explained the basics, but she also suggested changes we could make to individualize our work -- such as the curvy, slightly crooked stem on my glass.

My painting isn't museum quality, but I like it anyway. I learned a few things about how to paint, and I had a great time doing it. Even better, Wine and Canvas handles all the clean-up. What a relaxing way to wrap up a busy day!

Wine and Canvas has three to five events per week, most on weekday evenings. Locations include El Torito Grill, Chateau Thomas Winery's tasting room in Fishers, Muldoon's and Mass Ave Wine Shop. You can pick the location that works best for you, or you can choose the painting you like best. All classes cost $35-40.

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