Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mini University: Day 1

Last year, IU's Mini University received our Best of Indy award for best educational experience of the year -- so it's no surprise that I'm here again in Bloomington for another round. This time, rather than coming solo, I've brought my friends Stephanie and Jessica, who are equally excited about our summer "nerd vacation."

This afternoon, we attended an information session and then faced the most difficult task of the week: choosing our classes. Several of the time slots offered obvious choices; of course I'm going to take the classes about Shakespeare, the state of the newspaper industry, and the future of book publishing. In other time slots, however, I really struggled to choose: for the Monday morning time slot, should I take a class on Ernie Pyle, stem-cell research and human cloning, or dark matter in the universe? I finally settled on the cloning class, but I'm not sure I made the right choice.

The nice part about coming with friends is that we can divide and conquer, which means I can actually learn much more (and hopefully have some great discussions along the way). On the flip side, there's much more temptation to sneak away with the girls for a game of Sink the Biz at Nick's.

Mini University officially gets underway tomorrow morning and continues through the graduation ceremony Friday morning. Check back all week for updates on our nerdy adventures!

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