Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview: Mini University

After last year's incredible experience, I eagerly enrolled in this year's Mini University, a program of the IU Alumni Association. I got my registration packet a few days ago, and already I'm drooling about the classes I'll be taking. Here are my top five picks:
  • Why Do People Spy? Motivations of Some of the Greatest Spies of the 20th Century
  • Newspapers in a Paperless World
  • Shakespeare: Theater and Cognitive Science
  • The Blues (with music professor David Baker)
  • Artists' Courtships and Early Marriages: A Time of Creative Inspiration
  • The Sustainable Table (with foodie, author and professor Christine Barbour)
What's that you say? I was supposed to choose my top five, but there are six classes on the list? Well, I couldn't choose. Which one sounds most interesting to you?

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