Monday, May 10, 2010

New Project: Shakespeare in a Year

Along with adult education, I have three other passions: travel, cheese, and the works of William Shakespeare. So, today, I'm launching a new project: the Shakespeare in a Year Challenge. The new blog will cover my effort to read all 38 Shakespeare plays within a year -- and see as many of them performed as my budget and husband will allow.

Rest assured, the That'll Teach Me blog will continue as usual. But reading is an educational experience of its own, so I hope you'll stop by the new blog and participate in the debate (e.g., Falstaff: Love him or hate him? Personally, I hate him.).

I'll also be posting updates from my Shakespeare-related travels to Stratford, Ontario; England; and many of the Midwest's best Shakespeare experiences. (And, if I eat some cheese while I'm there, I'll be enjoying all of my passions at once. Talk about overload!)

As I wrote on the other blog, this project is going to challenge both my intellect and my schedule, but it's going to be an incredible journey. I hope you'll join me.

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