Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That'll Teach Me Ethics Policy

A few recent e-mails have reminded me that it's time to formally post my ethics policy for this blog. I am a trained journalist at heart, and I approach this blog with a desire for journalistic accuracy and integrity. So:

  1. I do not accept free or discounted classes. This is one of the oldest rules in the journalism book -- no freebies. It probably wouldn't influence my review, but it would create an appearance or possibility of influence, and I want to deliver the most accurate, fair class reviews possible.
  2. I only take classes that are available to anyone -- no one-shot preview classes designed just for the media. An important element of any class is the classroom dynamics, and I can only observe that by taking a real class.
I think that clears up the major issues; I may add to this policy over time. In the meantime, I'll keep bringing you news and reviews of all the great educational opportunities Indy has to offer!

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