Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: To the Last Drop

So, I think my class reviews are pretty generous. Even when I think a class is horrible (which is rare), I try to find something nice to say. And I have never gone on a full-blown rant -- until now.

For about a year, I've been trying to schedule a class at To The Last Drop in Zionsville. I know how you guys love cooking classes, and I wanted to give you a peek at this venue. But it just never seemed to work out. The classes are only offered on Thursdays, so I often had scheduling conflicts. And, when I did enroll in a class, it was canceled due to low enrollment -- twice.

Finally, this morning, I was scheduled to attend the "Veggies!" cooking class. I enrolled back in September and prepaid the $50 by check (which was cashed Sept. 11). I exchanged e-mails with Claudia Pierson, who responded with a breezy "See you in October!"

Today, I showed up promptly at 10 a.m., only to find the building locked and deserted. No people. No lights. Nothing.

At first, I assumed I had made a mistake. I pulled out my trusty iPhone (whose name is Gigi) and double-checked the online schedule. I checked my old e-mails, to make sure I had actually signed up for the class. I triple-checked the online schedule. I called To the Last Drop's phone number. I banged on the door. I quadruple-checked the online schedule.


I am more than a little bit irritated. If a venue cancels a class, it has a responsibility to inform the students enrolled in that class -- especially when those students have already paid. I shouldn't have to ask To The Last Drop for a refund after showing up at an empty building; the refund should have been offered to me as soon as the class was canceled.

I'm honestly wondering how this place stays in business. I've been actively trying to take a class there for a year now, and it still hasn't worked out.

I have left both e-mail and phone messages for Claudia, asking whether the class was canceled without my knowledge (and asking for a refund). When I hear from her, I'll be sure to give you an update. And if I don't hear from her, I'll really be giving you an update.

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