Monday, October 13, 2008

Mid-term Review: Quilts 101 at Quilts Plus

I'm two sessions into a five-session quilting class at Quilts Plus, and it started out well. We learned about quilting terms and tools, discussed the basic process and spent a delightful evening picking out fabrics for our project, a four-square quilt. That was the good part.

A few nights ago, after tracing and cutting my five millionth quilt square, I thought, "What on earth am I doing in this class?" I do not enjoy cutting out the pieces or sewing them together, and I'm really dreading the actual quilting process -- all of those minute stitches that hold the layers together.

But here's where it gets really strange: I'm still enjoying the process. I think it's because our teacher, Connie, has created a positive, friendly class environment, where it's fun to hang out even when you hate the task at hand. And I'm still hoping that the end result -- that beautiful, hand-made quilt in fabrics I've chosen -- will be worth the effort. I'll report back in three weeks about that.

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