Sunday, June 21, 2009

IU Mini University, Day 1

In the years since I graduated from IU-Bloomington, not much has changed. There's a new Honors College building across from the Indiana Memorial Union. And, there are a few new restaurants, shops and apartment buildings. But everything else looks pretty familiar, and being here feels like coming home.

So, I'm happy to be here for a week at IU Mini University -- a week-long "education vacation" sponsored each June by the alumni association and the continuing-studies department. (My husband might call it "Disney World for dorks.") I arrived this afternoon for registration and an orientation session, and classes get underway tomorrow morning.

As anticipated, I am the youngest participant by a full generation, if not two. The other participants probably suspect that I'm here to spend quality time with a grandparent. But I don't think it makes much difference, as I don't plan to take the classes about healthy aging or choosing the best hearing aid.

Several of the classes have limited enrollment, and slots are assigned on a lottery basis. So, I won't know my final schedule until tomorrow morning. On the preliminary schedule for tomorrow are classes on the Supreme Court's decision-making process, the importance of life-long learning for adults, and high-profile con games throughout history.

Check back each day this week for another update! Now, I'm off to dinner in Bloomington. Yum.

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