Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wine: Red, White and ... Green?

If you're like me, Earth Day just makes you feel guilty. Instead of focusing on your eco-friendly choices, like recycling and using CFLs, you're probably thinking about all the things you're still not doing (you know, installing solar panels on your roof, biking to work, that sort of thing).

As with all major changes, the best way to "go green" is by taking one step at a time. On May 19, Vine & Table will help you do just that. The gourmet grocery and liquor store is offering a class on choosing Earth-friendly, sustainably produced wines.

The class, taught by vintner Scott Woodward, costs $20 and includes a tasting of eight sustainable wines. You'll learn how these wines are made and discuss the difference between sustainable and organic production.

To register, click here or call the store at (317) 817-9473. Vine & Table is also offering a master class April 29 on wines of the Piedmont region.

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