Monday, April 27, 2009

Career Development Options

After hearing all the doomsday news about our economy, some of you are pulling back your spending on classes -- and educators are starting to notice. In response, some are shifting the focus of their summer schedules, offering more career-development classes and fewer "personal enrichment" options.

In particular, the IUPUI Community Learning Network has partnered with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Ready Indiana to offer a slew of career-development classes.

One course, "A Blueprint for Action," guides job-seekers through that grueling process. It's a new course this summer -- and it's free.

Other classes, especially in the IT and business categories, have been discounted. And, the summer brochure lists a variety of college-credit and "weekend university" classes you might find useful, such as operations management and business communications.

Just make yourself a deal: As soon as you feel comfortable financially again, be sure to reward yourself with an educational opportunity that's fun instead of practical.

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