Thursday, April 23, 2009

Classes at Christian Theological Seminary

For about a year, I've been meaning to post an update on the Faith Learning Initiative at Christian Theological Seminary. It sounds like a great opportunity to delve into deeper aspects of spirituality and faith.

The problem? The seminary always posts its community class schedule late -- long after I've stopped checking for the next season's schedules. I always remind myself to check back later, and I always forget. Finally, I've managed to remember after the schedule is posted but before the classes actually start next week.

Here's a quick sampling of what's offered:
  • Sufi Mysticism - the Spiritual Heart of Islam (Monday evenings, starting April 27)
  • Faiths and Films (Tuesday evenings, starting April 28)
  • A Conversation with the Mystic Poets (Wednesday evenings, starting April 29)
  • Science, Sex and Secret Societies: Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (Wednesday evenings, starting April 29)
As a side note, the seminary also allows adults to audit semester-long courses for a reduced fee.

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