Monday, December 1, 2008

Indianapolis Monthly: Best of Indy

The December issue of Indianapolis Monthly recognizes some of the best things about Indianapolis: the corn puree soup at Meridian, the playground at Holliday Park, the bargain furniture at Homegoods. It also highlights a few of our favorite continuing education venues, such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Mass Ave. Knit Shop.

But here are a few highlights we haven't discussed much:
  • Best free film series: Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church offers left-leaning films about politics, the environment, social justice and other controversial topics. As a bonus, you can pick up a latte or green tea from Indy's only fair-trade, organic coffee shop.
  • Best unconventional workout: Confident Woman of Indy helps you get fit with the fine art of pole- and lap-dancing. Don't worry: Classes are for women only and are closed to spectators.
  • Best fitness classes: Brick House Fitness offers a huge range of classes, from dance to strength training. Today's schedule alone lists 17 options, running from 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Best music lessons: Arthur's Music Store, located in Fountain Square, provides the usual music lessons (guitar, piano) and some unconventional options (bagpipes, hammered dulcimer, mandolin).
  • Best welding classes (yes, really): The welding classes at Sutton-Garten are taught by a local metals artist, Chris Foster. The facility is now enrolling for December/January classes, which meet for five Monday evenings. Want to see what you can do with a little welding know-how? Check out Foster's online gallery.


Jakki said...

Great recommendation on the welding classes! I used to work with Chris Foster, and he is great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but just saw this post! Thanks for mentioning the efforts at Lockerbie Central UMC/Earth House...

we are moving towards having weekly thursday night screenings and have some great films coming up.

thanks again!