Monday, August 24, 2009

New York Times Knowledge Network

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week. I stay in bed, and my wonderful husband delivers breakfast and a pile of newspapers. So there I was yesterday morning, minding my own business, when I came across an insert about the New York Times Knowledge Network.

As it turns out, the nation's premiere newspaper offers a host of online classes in business, the arts, politics, religion, writing, film studies, law and much more. Some are taught by New York Times staffers, and others are taught in conjunction with university professors.

I am, needless to say, a bit gaga about the whole thing. Shall I take "How the Brain Works" or perhaps "Travel Writing 101"?

The Knowledge Network has something for every interest -- and every budget. While some classes are more than $500, others are free. Now, please excuse me while I go drool on the catalog again.

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Unknown said...

Just let us know which course is of interest! Also, let us know if you have ideas for other courses.
Best wishes,

Felice Nudelman
Exec. Dir. Education
The New York Times Company