Friday, December 19, 2008

Review: Conner Prairie by Candlelight

Happy holidays! I've been so bogged down in buying, wrapping, baking and decorating that I haven't told you about our wonderful experience at Conner Prairie by Candlelight last Friday evening.

This is truly my favorite local holiday event. Wrapped in several layers to keep warm, my husband and I followed the candle-lit path through Conner Prairie's 1836 Prairie Town. At each house in town, we warmed up by the fire and heard an actor describe how his or her "family" celebrates the holidays. We learned about traditions from several religions and cultures, all in a magically authentic historical setting.

When we were finished, we explored the museum's gingerbread house exhibit. The gift shop is also open, and you can tack on a dinner at the museum restaurant, too.

If you go next year, remember to sign up early; the later time slots sell out quickly. And be sure to wear warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes. I spotted one woman in a short skirt and heels, and I'm sure she was miserable.

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Jennifer said...


We're so glad you had a good experience at Conner Prairie by Candlelight! The dates for next year have not been set yet, but keep checking and we will post them as soon as possible.

Jenny Messmer
Conner Prairie Marketing Department