Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indianapolis Art Center Classes

In college, I was the dork who poured over the course catalog and signed up for my classes the exact second registration opened. So I get a bit overly excited when my continuing-education course catalogs arrive, as they have started doing recently.

As always, one of the first ones out is the Indianapolis Art Center catalog; registration opens Dec. 3.

This semester, you'll see new weekend workshops on how to make lace, felt hats and gourd art, as well as all the usual suspects. The Center seems to be trying to offer workshops with broader appeal, focusing on topics like interior decorating and closet organization. So, you have options even if you don't feel artistic.

In longer-term classes, you'll find the usual depth of classes in ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, textiles, glass, jewelry, sculpture and woodworking. I can personally recommend the basic ceramics, weaving and PMC jewelry classes, but I'm still trying to work up the nerve for steel sculpture.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the rest of the local catalog releases, so sit tight!

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Indianapolis Art Center said...

Remember NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED when it comes to taking classes, even the steel class! If Logan can do it, you can to!

Watch this video and get inspired - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IShp3PE-lSI

Thanks for supporting the Art Center! See you in class! :)