Friday, August 29, 2008

Canoe Lessons

As September looms, I'm mourning summer and -- for some inexplicable reason -- thinking a lot about going canoeing. I've spent many family reunions canoeing around a lake, so I'm pretty comfortable with a paddle. But if you don't know the paddle from the life preserver, Camptown has a solution.

Camptown's primary business is youth wilderness experiences. But coming up Sept. 6, the organization is offering a "Quickstart Your Canoe" class for adults. The $35 class focuses on basic canoe skills, water safety and trip planning, and you'll take a 5.5-mile guided trip down the White River.

If canoeing doesn't float your boat (sorry, I couldn't help myself), Camptown also offers introductory classes in hiking, biking and camping. What a great way to finish the summer!

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