Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Venture

When organizing my calendar for April, I realized something frightening: My husband and I won't be spending a single weeknight together. This is partly his fault, because he's in a graduate program with evening classes. But it's mostly my fault. There's my flower-arranging class on Wednesday nights, an interesting and potentially bizarre class on tarot cards on Monday nights, some assorted one-shot classes and lectures ...

I seem to be somewhat addicted to continuing education. I love to learn new things and to explore new opportunities. Just because I'm finished (for the moment) with my official education doesn't mean I have to stop learning. During the past five years, I've taken countless classes on topics ranging from weaving and pottery to Egyptian history and Shakespeare.

Yes, some people would say I have a problem. But I think there are lots of people like me in Indianapolis. Whenever I take a class, I meet other people who love to take classes, too, and we always compare notes about where to go, which classes to take and which teachers we like.

But there doesn't seem to be a central point of information for Indy residents who are thinking, "What should I learn next?" I hope that's what this blog can become. I'll share class and lecture schedules, review the courses I take (or have taken in the past) and dig up some of the quirky learning opportunities Indy has to offer.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Together, we can make this blog a great resource for Indy adults who want to learn new things.

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