Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Pretty Cheesy Classes

If you've ever read my blogger bio (it's over there on the right), you know I love four things: alphabet flashcards, my hometown of Indianapolis, Shakespeare and cheese. So, I was pretty excited when Indianapolis Monthly's Dish newsletter included an article on upcoming cheese classes.

The first class mentioned -- a cheese boot camp at Petite Chou -- is already sold out. Drat.

For a more serious cheese education, you can sign up for Capriole Farm's farmstead cheese workshop on Oct. 9. The full-day class will cover milking, cheese-making and business planning; a farm tour and lunch are included. Drawbacks: You'll have to drive to Greenville, and the class will set you back $550.

I'm not really satisfied with those options, so I've been hunting for an alternative. My first guess was the Cheese Shop in the Fashion Mall, but it doesn't offer classes (which makes absolutely no sense). I also checked Vine & Table, Goose the Market and all of the usual cooking-class spots -- no upcoming cheese classes. There's nothing at Traders Point Creamery, either, although you can always stop by in the afternoon to watch the milking.

Unfortunately, I'm out of ideas. I'll just settle into a comfy chair with Steven Jenkins' Cheese Primer and try not to get too hungry.


Shocker said...

I noticed you posted this "Cheese making class in Indy quest" in September. I did attend the Cheese Boot Camp at Petite Chou and loved it. More recentling I reading "Animal Vegatable Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver and there is an entire chapter dedicated to cheese making. She suggested a book: Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll. While it's very informative I too find myself looking for a cheese making class in Indy. Have you found anything new since September?

Shocker said...

I noticed you posted your 'cheese making class in Indy' post in September. I did attend the Cheese Boot Camp at Petite Chou and loved it. Recently I'm reading "Animal Vegetable Mircle" by Barbara Kinsolver who dedicated an entire chapter to home cheese making. She suggested the book "Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll, which is very informative but i find myself online looking for a cheese making course in Indy. (which led me to your blog). Have you found anything since September?